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Scared of Needles? Toyohari to the rescue!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

One of the most influential schools of acupuncture is known as Toyohari - developed in Japan. The mavericks of this school tested and proved new approaches to acupuncture which led to the creation of this unique method - one that was once even practised by blind acupuncturists!

Toyohari is unique as it does not require the insertion of needles to stimulate the meridians and restore balance and healing in the body. Instead, we use thicker needles made from special precious metals and apply careful and gentle pressure on the acupuncture points surface of the skin - it is like a form of "acu-pressure".

Since the treatment is pain free and less invasive than other forms of acupuncture it is particularly suited to children (Shonishin) and for those who are scared of needles.

Toyohari is an advanced school of acupuncture - practitioners who study this approach in the UK must already be qualified as acupuncturists before undergoing further training to become a registered Toyohari practitioner.

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